Art Styles

Browse our extensive gallery of images by Art Style. Art Style, also known as Art Movement, refers to the distinctive method and form followed by the artist. The various Art Styles evolved over decades and even over centuries, often developed by groups of artists that were only somewhat related. Several Art Styles were actually defined by the artists themselves within a particular group or school. As you browse our galleries of masterpieces, feel free to select your favorite paintings and place them on your Wishlist, then share them with your friends and family.

Abstract ExpressionismAbstract Expressionism Paintings

Academic ArtAcademic Art Paintings

Art NouveauArt Nouveau Paintings

Ashcan SchoolAshcan School Paintings

Barbizon SchoolBarbizon School Paintings

Baroque ArtBaroque Art Paintings


Byzantine ArtByzantine Art Paintings

CubismCubism Paintings

Early RenaissanceEarly Renaissance Paintings

ExpressionismExpressionism Paintings


Gothic ArtGothic Art Paintings

High RenaissanceHigh Renaissance Paintings

Hudson River SchoolHudson River School Paintings

ImpressionismImpressionism Paintings


Les NabisLes Nabis Paintings


LuminismLuminism Paintings

MannerismMannerism Paintings

NaturalismNaturalism Paintings

Neo-ImpressionismNeo-Impressionism Paintings


NeoclassicismNeoclassicism Paintings

Northern RenaissanceNorthern Renaissance Paintings

OrientalismOrientalism Paintings

PointillismPointillism Paintings


PortraitsPortrait Paintings


Post ImpressionismPost Impressionism Paintings

Pre-RaphaelitePre-Raphaelite Paintings

PrecisionismPrecisionism Paintings

RealismRealism Paintings


Realism-ImpressionismRealism-Impressionism Paintings

RococoRococo Paintings

RomanticismRomanticism Paintings


SymbolismSymbolism Paintings

TonalismTonalism Paintings


Western ArtWestern Art Paintings